BBQ Grill Light and Fan - Innolv
BBQ Grill Light and Fan - Innolv
BBQ Grill Light and Fan - Innolv
BBQ Grill Light and Fan - Innolv

BBQ Grill Light and Fan

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Technical Pro OF BBQ Barbecue Grill LIght and Fan Equipped With 12 LED Bulbs And 2 Individually Rotating Fans So You Can Light Up Your Grill, Cool Down, and Blow Smoke Away With One Low Priced Unit.

  • BRIGHT - Lights up your entire grill: the Technical Pro BBQ grill Light boasts 12 LED bulb output powered by (8) AA battery's (not included) which illuminates your entire grill + any control knobs, without shadows. The durable, weather resistant light is the easiest way to ensure your food is cooked perfectly and your solution to grilling in the dark
  • FAN FEATURE - the technical pro bbq grill light is one of the only ones on the market to boast a a fan feature. The two 2.5 inch fans rotate individually so it can cool you down on a hot summer night, and blow smoke out of your face while you work!
  • EASY TO INSTALL - the versatile BBQ tool fits securely around your grill and only takes a few minutes to set up using the user friendly hand screw knob. The touch switch makes using the light a breeze, while preventing water from getting in like regular on/off switches
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - large grills, Small grills, gas, charcoal or chips are not a problem. Take the Technical Pro OFBBQ with you on camping trips, cabin vacations or to tailgate parties. The battery powered LED means you can use your grill light every day without worrying about the life of the bulbs

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