Vibrating Massage Ball - Innolv
Vibrating Massage Ball - Innolv
Vibrating Massage Ball - Innolv
Vibrating Massage Ball - Innolv

Vibrating Massage Ball

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Rollers are a great solution to tense muscles. The roller's distinctive design gives your muscles more than a flat surface to work with, providing a quality of massage most massage rollers only dream about.

This roller has a built-in electric massage motor and battery. No fiddling. Just plug it in with the included cable to charge. This mobility and convenience will make it your go to roller for the gym, track, court, or living room.

Traditional exercise rollers massage muscle by smashing muscle. We knew there had to be a better way. This is it. If it's not the best roller for your muscles, we don't know what is. Massage therapists use technique and targeted pressure - not rolling pins. So, we built a roller whose shape, material, and texture allow you to target your muscles with precision, while also providing vibration options to allow you to use pressure and motion to stimulate your muscles instead of simply crushing them.

Every body is different. Whether you're a massage therapist looking out for clients with deep tissue needs, an athlete looking for a roller for muscle soreness, or simply someone who carries stress and tension in their muscles and wants a roller to loosen up - this vibrating massage roller is your solution. Set the vibration to a level that's comfortable for you and feel the difference.

Simply plug in to charge. One full charge typically lasts about 90 minutes of vibration on the High setting. Safety auto-shutoff after ten minutes. Press the power button to activate the vibration feature. Press repeatedly to cycle through the vibration options: Low, Medium, Wave, and High.

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